Deni 7600 Electric Food Steamer Review

The Deni 7600 is an 800-watt electric food steamer. It offers a maximum capacity of 9.5 quarts. You can find this model for an average price of $40. Keep reading to learn about some of the features that it offers.


The Deni 7600 food steamer is equipped with an LCD display. It also offers a digital timer that you can use to steam food for up to 90 minutes. The unit also has an automatic keep-warm function which kicks in after your food has finished steaming. It also has an automatic shutoff feature.


As mentioned earlier, the Deni 7600 offers a total capacity of 9.5 quarts. The machine is fitted with three steaming tiers, so you can cook up to three foods at once. If you want to steam something larger, you’ll like the fact that the bases of the tiers can be removed to provide more vertical room.


You will obviously need to add water inside the Deni 7600 to allow for steaming. The machine offers an exterior gauge so you can easily tell how much water is left inside. Also, it is fitted with water inlets on both sides of the base which allow you to add extra water to the unit easily even while it’s still operating.


You will like how easy the Deni 7600 electric food steamer is to maintain. All of the parts are removable and safe to put in your dishwasher. The unit also has a drip tray to contain excess liquids. You can then use these liquids to make sauces and gravies.


The Deni 7600 steamer is packaged with a rice bowl and a measuring cup. The machine measures 9.4 inches long, 18 inches high, and 11.2 inches wide. It is backed by a one year warranty.

The Deni 7600 food steamer offers three-tiered steaming. The bases can also be removed if you need more vertical space for larger foods. The unit also offers a digital timer that can be set up to 90 minutes. Thanks to the exterior water inlets on the sides of the base, you can easily add more water to the machine while it’s still cooking.

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